About Tarime School of Nursing-How to Apply

About Tarime School of Nursing-How to Apply

Tarime School of Nursing

Tarime School of Nursing has its base in the Tanzanian city of Mara and it is one of the government-owned nursing institutions in the country. It is also one of the Tanzanian institutions with valid registration under NACTE (National Accreditation Council for Technical Education). As per the provisions of NACTE, Tarime School of Nursing adopts REG/HAS/083 as its registration number.

This nursing institution vigorously seeks to create an avenue for providing patients with medical aids in line with the teachings, training and guides provided by Tanganyika nursing experts. Also, Tarime School of Nursing centres its objective on how students can make use of local health statistics in promoting communal health status. Through the adoption of fundamental nursing process, the nursing institution strives to educate students in the provision of vital nursing aids to various kinds of patients. Over and above that, Tarime School of Nursing ensures students are fed with the basic knowledge of curative, preventive and promotional controls associated with the advancement of PHC activities in the environment. As regards giving medical attention to mothers, Tarime School of Nursing also trains students on the provision of post-abortion, post-natal, intra-natal and antenatal aids.

Tarime School of Nursing offers students academic programmes relating to public health nursing B. For students to be eligible for admission, the nursing institution requires them to have basic knowledge of MCHA (Maternal Child Health Aid).

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