Danish Army Recruitment2020-2021-Application Form, Dates & Requirements

Official Danish Army Recruitment 2020-2021-Application Form, Requirements and dates-See Jobs details

Danish Army Recruitment for Foreigners

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To submit your application, you need to already reside in Denmark, and it’ll be taken under consideration whether or not you’re currently applying for permanent residency or citizenship, or whether or not you have already got a significant connection to Denmark.

Your application gets evaluated on a personal basis. There exist fixed restrictions on the sort of position to which you can apply. For instance, strictly Danish nationals are eligible apply for trains as cadets at the service academies.

As a foreigner, you need to apply in writing to be thought of for service, and you need to pass a physical and psychological analysis to be declared acceptable for army duty. Throughout this evaluation, it would be taken under consideration whether or not your command of the Danish language will affect how you perform properly under combat scenarios to communicate.

Once you’ve got served within the Danish military, you will be recalled for more duty in accordance with Danish law. Serving within the Danish military doesn’t exempt you from service in your native country.

Foreign nationals already living in Danmark or in another EU country might apply to hitch the Danish militia, providing they need lived one year in Danmark if applying inside or six years if applying inside Associate in Nursing EU country. However, they’d be required to be fluent in Danish and must be able to write it as well.

Defence Command Denmark

Defence Command Denmark is the supreme military command authority of the Danish Armed Forces. at Along with the four alternative authorities, for Personnel, for Material & Equipment, for Buildings & Facilities and for Finance, it forms the Danish Defence.

The Chief of Defence is that the commander of Defence Command Denmark and acts because the Chief adviser for the Minister of Defence.

Through the Defence Command, the Chief of Defence commands the military, the Navy and the Air Force.

The Defence Command maintain an Operations Staff, a Planning & Coordination Staff, the Arctic Command, the Special Operations Command and 3 service staffs i.e. the Army Staff, the Naval Staff and  the Air Force workers.

The Army

The Army incorporates an Army Staff, situated in Karup: more or less ninety employees.

The total strength of the Danish Army is more or less eight thousand and four hundred troops, excluding the more or less four thousand one hundred conscripts undergoing military training.

Structure of the Military

The Army is commanded by the military workers, Defence Command Denmark, situated in Karup Air-Base.

The operational units:

  • The Danish Division in Haderslev, in charge of the training of one Brigade and a couple of Brigade with Headquarters in Haderslev and Slagelse accordingly.
  • The Royal Life Guards, garrisoned in Høvelte.
  • The Guard Hussar Regiment, situated in Slagelse and  Rønne.
  • Jutland Dragoon Regiment, garrisoned in Holstebro.
  • Army Intelligence Centre and armed forces Non-Commissioned Officers College, garrisoned in Varde.
  • The Engineer Regiment – Joint Engineers and CBRN Centre, stationed in Skive.
  • The Logistic Regiment – Army Combat Service Support and Joint Military Police Centre, garrisoned in Alborg.
  • The Signal Regiment – Joint Command Support Center, stationed in Fredericia.

There also are a variety of supporting units, such as

  • The Army Academy (officers’ school) beneath the Defence faculty in Kobenhavn.
  • The Army Combat and Fire Support Centre which is situated in Oksbøl.
  • The Army NCO School in Sønderborg.


The Regiments are the carriers of the names of the regiments and traditions i.e. the Jutland Dragoons and the Guard Hussars. However, nowadays the regiments have become garrison support units handling guard and security services, press contacts, welfare services and variety of alternative tasks and roles.

Training in the Army

In general terms, the Danish Army comprises of 3 completely different levels of training – conscripts, troopers on a Reaction Force contract and non-commissioned, skilled soldiers.

Conscripts go through the Army’s military training program. They receive a basic training, which allows them to function during a cluster of roughly 10 soldiers during a combat atmosphere.

On completion of the essential army training program, the conscripts get offered the chance to continue within the Army Reaction Force, that trains them for international missions. For eight months, the soldiers train for a foreign deployment to i.e. Republic of Iraq or Afghanistan. A default tour-of-duty could be a six-month readying.

After this deployement, the soldier arevgiven 2 main choices:

They can still enlist in any operational unit, or they will leave the military. The non-commissioned soldiers will, at short notice, be deployed in any international operations. The non-commissioned soldiers will expect to be deployed in international operations once each third year.

For more about this, please visit the house page of the Danish Defense Recruiting Service, http://forsvaret.dk/fvr, (Danish language only) wherever you’ll realize elaborated data concerning however and wherever to use similarly because the necessary forms you need to fill in.


E-mail: vfk@mil.dk

Phone: +45 7284 0300


Defence Command Danmark,

Army Staff

Herningvej 30

DK-7470 Karup J.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQS.

  • Does Denmark have a military?

By default the Danish Cabinet is the controlling authority of the Danish Armed Forces, but it can’t organize the armed forces, for needs that are not wholly defence-oriented, without the parliament agreeing to it.

  • Is military service mandatory in Denmark?

As stated by the §81 of the Constitution of Denmark, all Danish men have to finish military service. The legislation of the mandatory military service is stated in the Danish Law of Conscription. The military service can be between four months and twelve months 

  • Does Denmark have national service? 

Conscription in Denmark is compulsory for every able-bodied man that is more than 18 years old, as stated by the Constitution of Denmark, §81 and the Danish Law of Conscription, §2. The military service can be between four months and twelve months. Participation isn’t compulsory for women.

  • Does Denmark have a standing army?

The Danish Defence is the unified Danish Armed Forces, charged with the defence of Denmark and its constituent, self-governing nations Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

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