Days of Our Lives Teasers May 2022

Days of Our Lives Teasers May 2022 – Latest Episode

We ( team) are pleased to inform you about Days of Our Lives Teasers May 2022 | read full details below

Days of Our Lives Teasers May 2022

We( are pleased to inform you about Days of Our Lives Teasers May 2022 -read full details below

Friday 1 April 2022
Episode 13549 (663)

Leo catches John stealing incriminating proof. When John refuses to hand it over, Leo threatens to call the police until John reveals he’s Leo’s father. Marlena speaks with Kayla about the DNA test regarding Leo being John’s son while Diana poisons Marlena! Eve tells Jack Claire told her Haley is hiding out at the loft.

Monday 4 April 2022
Episode 13550 (664)

John resuscitates unconscious Marlena. Diana finds Leo holding the envelope containing evidence. Will tells Sonny that Leo dropped the charges against them. Brady tries to galvanize Eric to do something to get Holly out of Stefan’s house.

Brady and Eric go to see Marlena while Sarah tells Rex that Kayla mentioned he applied for a hospital job. Holly has a bad dream because she’s missing her mother. Chloe is surprised to see a softer side of Stefan as he expertly calms the inconsolable little girl.

Tuesday 5 April 2022
Episode 13551 (665)

John’s sitting by Marlena’s empty bed when Diana comes in and assumes she’s dead. Eli tells them he’s questioned the suspect… Eli questions Haley. JJ introduces Haley to Justin. Meanwhile, Tripp questions Claire about how Jack and Eve knew Haley was there. Claire suggests it could have been Ciara.

Leo surprises Brady in his bed and tells him they are brothers. Later, Leo thinks Sonny and Will should be nicer to him since he dropped the charges.

Wednesday 6 April 2022
Episode 13552 (666)

As Kayla reveals to John and Brady that Nurse Shelly may be involved in Marlena’s poisoning, Shelly confronts Diana and threatens to rat her out. Sarah comforts Eric about his mother’s crisis and the two bond over a discussion about faith.

Meanwhile, Rex confides in Chloe his gnawing worry about Sarah and Eric’s closeness. Stefan and Gabi get into a heated argument over Gabi Chic and Leo arrives to label their tension as being sexual in nature. Later, Gabi and Stefan again throw sparks, but Chloe walks in to interrupt.

Thursday 7 April 2022
Episode 13553 (667)

John sits by Marlena’s bedside and urges her to pull through. Leo stops by. As he gets to know John, Marlena’s monitors go off. Kayla and Sarah try to save her. Meanwhile, Diana anticipates Marlena dying. She has a fantasy about John. Eric and Sarah fear if Brady will tell Rex that he found them kissing.

Ciara confides in Julie about her breakup with Ben. Ciara is surprised when she learns Ben is working for Stefan again. Earlier, Leo flirts with Ben. Stefan encourages Ben not to give up on the idea of love. Later, Ben and Ciara come face-to-face.

Friday 8 April 2022
Episode 13554 (668)

While John watches helplessly, Kayla and Sarah attempt to revive Marlena… but after her heart stops beating, Marlena imagines that she’s caught in limbo between heaven and hell.

Monday 11 April 2022
Episode 13555 (669)

Kayla tips Eli off that she thinks Kristen possibly tampered with Marlena’s IV. Meanwhile, Leo questions whether or not Diana wants Marlena to die. Later, John alerts Diana that there is an investigation. Upset about Marlena, Brady sounds off about Eric to Rex.

Meanwhile, Eric makes a promise to God that if he lets Marlena live, Eric will back away from Sarah. Ciara confronts Ben about going back to work for Stefan after he made Ben kidnap Gabi. Brady gets a tip from Gabi that Stefan is using Leo to get information on Titan.

Tuesday 12 April 2022
Episode 13556 (670)

Ben saves Ciara. Stefan once again vows to Chloe to keep her safe. During an interview for the paper, Jennifer asks Jack some tough questions about Haley while Tripp tries to fight off his suspicion that it was Claire who betrayed him. Claire goes to Eve to confide her dilemma.

Haley returns from her court hearing and anxiously awaits the judge’s ruling. JJ offers his support, and the two bond, but then Justin brings them bad news.

Wednesday 13 April 2022
Episode 13557 (671)

Haley, still wary of JJ, turns down his idea. Meanwhile, Claire worries that Tripp’s obsessed with Haley. After discussing work business, Hope and Ted share a warm moment. Meanwhile, Rafe talks to Roman about the issues he’s having with Hope… and Ted. Later, Rafe interrupts Hope and Ted.

Eric has a dream in which Rex attacks him for going after Sarah. Meanwhile, Sarah admits to Maggie that she kissed Eric and has feelings for him. Rex tells Eric he’s having dinner with Sarah, and Eric knows it’s best to leave them alone…

Thursday 14 April 2022
Episode 13558 (672)

A trap is set for an unsuspecting Diana by John, Eli and Lani. At the same time, Stefan berates Leo. Brady thanks Gabi for her espionage. Later, Leo lays into Brady while Stefan summons Gabi… Tripp breaks the news to Claire about how he intends to help Haley while Haley shares the same news with JJ.

Friday 15 April 2022
Episode 13559 (673)

John confronts Diana. Later, she admits to John and Leo a shocking truth. Afterwards, John goes back to Marlena and fills her in. Earlier, Leo has a slight thaw with Marlena. Kate visits Marlena. Kate is stunned when Marlena says Leo is John’s son.

After questioning Chloe and Stefan about the shooting, Hope confronts Ted about making excuses to spend time with her. Meanwhile, Rafe tells Kate about Ted’s interference. Later, Hope finds Rafe still at the pub. Stefan and Chloe grow closer. Brady’s arrival interrupts them.

Monday 18 April 2022
Episode 13560 (674)

Sonny wants Leo to sign annulment papers. Leo gives Will the evil eye. Eric runs into Sarah at the hospital. Brady sees they’re still yearning for one another. He questions Sarah, who tells him he’s wrong. Rex comes upon them. Meanwhile, Eric tells Marlena about his promise to God.

Later, Brady gives Eric an ultimatum. Stefan questions Chloe’s feelings about Brady and about himself. Ciara insists on taking Ben to the hospital. Rex treats him. Ciara stands up to Hope on a phone call.

Tuesday 19 April 2022
Episode 13561 (675)

As Haley and Tripp come together to “write” their love story, Claire turns to Eve for help. JJ arrives to interrupt an unexpected fraught moment between Haley and Tripp. Gabi cautions Chloe against falling for Stefan. Afterwards, Chloe runs into Brady and blasts him while Gabi and Stefan clash and throw sparks…

Earlier, Brady puts the screws to Eric. Eric shares his dilemma with Sarah. Sonny rushes Will to the hospital! Rex and Sarah suspect foul play.

Wednesday 20 April 2022
Episode 13562 (676)

Eve tells Jack she and Claire have set a plan into motion to expose Haley. Meanwhile, Claire arranges to help Tripp with his plan. JJ struggles with not being the one to help Haley. Sarah reveals to Rex that she kissed Eric. Jennifer tells Hope how fed up she is with Jack.

Hope shares she and Rafe are in a better place, but confides that Ted kissed her. Later, Hope gets blasted by Abe for concealing from him that Ted was a blackmailer. Hope then goes off on Rafe.

Thursday 21 April 2022
Episode 13563 (677)

Kayla interrupts Hope and Rafe’s fight with news that Jordan is asking to see him. Jordan reveals a secret to Rafe. Meanwhile, Hope tells Ted that Rafe broke her confidence. Claire meets Tripp at the Salem Inn and secretly records him.

Meanwhile, Haley accidentally stumbles across Claire’s lighter and shows it to JJ. Eve and Jack come to the loft and let Haley know they’re on to her. JJ has some bitter words for his father. Ciara gives Ben a sponge bath in his hospital bed.

Friday 22 April 2022
Episode 13564 (678)

Jordan burdens Rafe. At the same time, Hope learns from Ciara and Ben that Jordan didn’t set the first fire. Afterwards, Rafe arrives and tells Hope about Jordan’s request. Meanwhile, Ben worries Ciara might start to doubt him again. Tripp is going to check on Haley after she’s been bombarded by Jack and Eve.

Claire is upset. She meets with Eve and Jack and makes demands. However, Jack has other plans. Eve comforts Claire. Meanwhile, Tripp interrupts Haley with Melinda, later, Tripp and Haley talk about Claire, Jack and Eve, and then her feelings for JJ. JJ confides in Kayla about what he’s recently discovered.

Monday 25 April 2022
Episode 13565 (679)

Sarah briefly has doubts about accepting Rex’s proposal. Meanwhile, Victor and Maggie discuss Sonny’s annulment with Leo, and then Will’s sudden illness. Sarah stops by. Maggie gets Sarah alone to find out the truth about her feelings for Rex… and Eric.

Earlier, Eric meets up with Brady and tells him he’s not going to pressure Chloe into leaving Stefan’s. Stefan tells Chloe that Ben has a potential lead on the El Fideo cartel members. At the hospital, Will and Sonny fill in Gabi about Leo’s curse and Will’s unexplained medical problems.

Tuesday 26 April 2022
Episode 13566 (680)

Stefan’s attraction to Chloe grows. Lani and Eli show up with a possible lead on the cartel after Chloe. Meanwhile, Brady tries to persuade Gabi to help him bring down Stefan. Later, Gabi pays Stefan a visit. Maggie tells Rex she’s not so sure she can support Sarah’s plans to marry him.

Meanwhile, Eric covers his feelings for Sarah as he congratulates her. Kate tries to convince Victor to hire her at Titan so that together they can bring down DiMera. Maggie’s unsettled to see them chatting.

Wednesday 27 April 2022
Episode 13567 (681)

Jack and Eve continue with their plan to expose Haley. Abe takes Jack to task. At the same time, Claire finds herself in a new fresh hell when JJ confronts her. Tripp and Haley return. Claire calls Eve begging her to pull the trigger. Earlier, Tripp and Haley meet with the ICE Agent.

Eve and Jack overhear Ted resigning and ask Abe what’s going on. Hope questions Ben about Jordan’s baby. Later, Ben tells Ciara about Jordan possibly having a son… while Hope learns Ted’s fate just as Rafe returns.

Thursday 28 April 2022
Episode 13568 (682)

Jack and Eve plan a rally to publicly expose Haley and Tripp. Jennifer and Jack have a slight thaw as they discuss JJ. Claire continues to scheme with Eve against Haley. Eve makes a shocking announcement.

Rafe tells Hope and Ted that he has fulfilled Jordan’s request… and Rafe and Hope are at odds once again. Later, Ted finds upset Hope and consoles her. Meanwhile, Lani and Eli help Rafe out… and Eli grows concerned with Lani’s actions. Sheila tries to get Abe to plot against Jack and Eve.

Friday 29 April 2022
Episode 13569 (683)

Ted kisses Hope and she slaps him. Rafe goes to Jordan to press her to reveal the identity of her baby’s father. Abe and Sheila suddenly retreat from their close moment. Lani and Eli arrive with David. Abe becomes worried about Lani. Eli confronts Sheila about the tension between her and her boss.

Eve surprises Jack and everyone else by announcing that the blank tape (which was supposed to show Tripp’s admission to Claire that his love for Haley was a lie) was a recording of Jack’s romantic marriage proposal to Eve.

Premiere episodes of Days of Our Lives air on from Mondays to Fridays at 16h45.

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