Deur Dik en Dun 2 April Teasers 2021

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Deur Dik en Dun 2 April Teasers 2021

We gladly inform you about The Deur Dik en Dun 2 April Teasers 2021 -read and watch the full episode below

  • Monday 1 March 2021
    Episode 81

    Will Gulistan tell Esma what’s been burdening her? Will Sureya forgive Faruk? The preparations for Osman’s wedding continues.

    Tuesday 2 March 2021
    Episode 82

    Esma confronts Ipek and forgives Gulistan. Siren breaks things off with Boga. Will Osman change his mind about marrying Gurcu?

    Wednesday 3 March 2021
    Episode 83

    It’s the day of the wedding, and Osman is nowhere to be found. The day takes an unexpected turn as Burcu goes missing, and Siren faces off against Esma in a heated argument.

    Thursday 4 March 2021
    Episode 84

    The result of the wedding causes strain in Garip and Esma’s relationship, as well as Sureyya and Faruk’s. Adem needs Gozde’s help before finalising his plan.

    Friday 5 March 2021
    Episode 85

    As Sureyya and Faruk’s petty fight continues, Senem and Akif reluctantly get involved which ends in a surprise result. Adem reconnects with an old friend to add the finishing touches to his plan.

    Monday 8 March 2021
    Episode 86

    As one family welcomes a new member, another family must say goodbye. Adem makes another breakthrough with Idil, and he begins his journey to reconnect with the world and those close to him.

    Tuesday 9 March 2021
    Episode 87

    Adem’s plan is sprung into action as Fikret is arrested for alleged smuggling. The Boran family scrambles to prove his innocence, but can they do it in time?

    Wednesday 10 March 2021
    Episode 88

    As the judges gavel bangs down on the Boran family, Sureyya goes into premature labour and is rushed to hospital while Adem tries to come to terms with his mother’s suicide.

    Thursday 11 March 2021
    Episode 89

    Will Sureyya and Faruk get to bring their daughter home? Dilara finally tells Adem the big news! Faruk has bad news he has to tell the rest of the family. Will the Boran’s find out who’s behind all of the chaos?

    Friday 12 March 2021
    Episode 90
    Season finale!

    Faruk confronts Adem. Sahap finds out what has happened and goes to the Borans’ for answers. Life as the Borans know it has changed. Will they be able to overcome this hurdle?

    The new season of Doodsondes, Season 3, replaces Deur Dik en Dun on and eExtra at 17h30 and 21h30 respectively.

    Premiere episodes of Deur Dik and Dun air on and eExtra from Mondays to Fridays at 17h30 and 21h30

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    More to know about Deur Dik en Dun Teasers

    Deur Dik en Dun features the life of a talented musician whose life is changed when she meets the guy that has all the qualities that she has ever wanted in a man. Her life becomes a series of miseries since the man that she falls in love with is wealthy, and his family values power and cares less about romance

    introduce her to his very different, privileged life in the green city of Bursa.

    The Borans are among Turkey’s richest and most aristocratic families, holding court in a picturesque mansion among forests. Here, Süreyya will battle the tough family matriarch Esma Sultan, who has brought up her four sons alone. For her, protecting the family’s power is everything.

    Love-struck Faruk, determined to carve out a life of his own choosing, proposes marriage to Süreyya, unaware of what his mother has in store for him. Esma has great dreams for her favorite son and has set her heart on a different bride, one who is in her mind better suited to the family’s deep-rooted traditions.

    Deur Dik En Dun, a Turkish TV series which has been dubbed into Afrikaans, has been revealed as eTV’s latest offering.

    Taking up the weekday timeslot of 5.30pm, the new show will debut it’s first episode on Monday, 6 July.

    According to the channel Deur Dik En Dun ‘follows the heart-end love between a well-appointed businessman and a poor singer struggling to survive in a fight against deep-rooted family traditions that praise the power over the romanticism’

    The show follows hot on the heels of Bittersoet, also an Afrikaans-dubbed telenovela which comes to an end on July….read more

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