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Dir 201: Ethics In International Relations
Bse 125: New Venture Creation
Bpm 211/Bse 211:Legal And Ethical Issues In Project/ Business
Ted 111: Chemistry For Technologies
Bpm 312/ Bse 312: Strategic Marketing In Project Management
Bse 315: Enterprise Process Re-Engineering
Bse 221: Auditing Theory And Practice
Dce 012:Music And Movement Activities
Psy 112: General Educational Psychology
Soc 421: Project Planning, Monitoring And Evaluation
Edk 316: Mbinu Za Lugha Na Fasihi
Edm 211: Mathematics I
His 326: African Economic History Since 1900
Hist 211: Themes In East African History
Cim 211: General Methods Of Teaching
Cim 210: General Methods Of Teaching
His 211: Themes In East African History
Edu 300: Educational Research
Emp 411: Educational Administration And Management
Zoo 300: Animal Physiology 2014/2015
Chem 310: Chemistry Of S- And P-Block Elements 2015
Chem 310: Chemistry Of S And P Block Elements
Emp 310: Educational Planning
Emp 310: Educational Planning
Emp 310: Educational Planning
Emp 310: Educational Planning
Hrd 103: Development Concepts And Applications
Che 110: Fundamentals Of Chemistry
Mat 104: Basic Mathematics And Analytical Geometry
Psy 110: Quatitative Techniques In Education

Edb 409:Financial Management
Phy 314:Quantum Mechanics 1
Mat 208: Engineering Mathematics Ii
Bsm 211: Microeconomics
Eco 322: Economics Of Demography
Bio 310: Proteins, Enzymes, And Vitamins
Zoo 312: Cell And Molecular Biology
Bio 312: Microbial Biochemistry
Coe 301: Computer Programming
Mat 208: Engineering Mathematics Iv
Mpe 222: Solid Mechanics I
Mpe 371: Thermodynamics Ii
Mpe 272: Thermodynamics I
Ece 301: Basic Electronics
Ece 202: Electrical Technology Ii
Mit 312: Engineering Design I
Mit 232: Industrial Chemistry
Mit 311: Material Science
Mit 323: Yarn Formation Ii
Mit 234: Industrial Mechanics
Mit 321: Textile Chemistry
Mit 331: Fundamentals Of Fluid Mechanics
Bbm 352: Research Methods
Eco 323: Public Finance And Fiscal Policy
Bbm 301: Audit And Internal Control
Bse 322:New Product Development
Bse 323:Enterprise Microfinancing
Bse 325: Entrepreneurial Incubation And Workshops
Bse 323: Enterprise Microfinancing
Bse 322:New Product Development

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