Egyptian Army Recruitment Recruitment 2020-2021-Application, Dates & Requirements

Official Egyptian Army Recruitment 2020-2021-Application Form, Requirements and dates-See Jobs Egyptian Army details

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The Egyptian Army was engaged seriously within the prolonged North Asian country warfare, and therefore the Libyan Egyptian war that materialized within the Gregorian calendar month 1977. it’d interest you to grasp that the Egyptian Army entrenched the second largest contingent of the allied forces within the year 1991 when the liberation of Kuwait from Iraqi occupation. Their mission is additionally to safeguard their country Egypt, and fight for his or her right, freedom and method of life.

Still talking concerning the Egyptian military, it’s been recorded that the present day Egyptian military are concerned with various crises and wars since their independence, ranging from the year 1948 that was the Arab-Israeli war, that was followed by the Egyptian Revolution within the year 1952, Suez crises, the Six Day war, Sinai insurgence, Nigerian Civil War, North Yemen Civil War, War of Attrition, War of Attention, Yom Kippur war, Egyptians bread riot, the 1986 Egyptian conscripts riots, the Lybian-Egyptian war, the Gulf war, the war on Terror and therefore the Libyan war.

As aforementioned, the Egyptian military carries with it the Egyptian army, the Egyptian Navy, the Egyptian air force and therefore the Egyptian defensive measure command .I’ll shortly like to confer with speak on every of them and the way to affix every of them.


The Egyptian Military Operations Authority, ruled by the Ministry of Defense, is headquartered in Cairo.The Egyptian Armed Forces’ Chief of Staff’s workplace is in Cairo. he’s the Chief of employees of the military, furthermore because the Navy and Air Forces, though the latter 2 usually report back to the Ministry of Defense. 3 command-and-control headquarters and 9 command-and-control field headquarters area unit directed from the Chief of Staff’s workplace.

Egyptian Army Ranks


How to Be a Part of the Egyptian Army

  1. Ask the important questions: Before you select to become a part of the Egyptian Army you raise yourself some certain questions like, am I actually comfy with the pay? Not simply the pay, their life vogue can I even be comfy with it? Can I adapt quick, what’s going to the setting look like? What area unit my advantages and therefore the opportunities i will be able to have? Once you raise yourself these queries, and you’re feeling you’re happy with it, you then move to subsequent step.
  2. Decide on a line of action: There exist 3 classes of troopers within the Army; the noncommissioned troopers, the warrant officers and commissioned officers. Every of them have their specialised coaching, their completely different responsibilities and their areas of experience.
  3. Reach out to a Recruiter: rather like it’s obtainable in the Egyptian Navy, exact thing is effected in the Army. At this stage, you’re allowed to raise queries and find your answers. Once you get in conjunction with a recruiter, you’ll get to grasp additional regarding the military, their needs and desires. Through this you’ll be ready to set your goals. and thru this you’ll conjointly get to grasp their advantages and their rights round the community
  4. Apply: If you application is being granted, your name gets shortlisted, with this you’ll then move to subsequent step.
  5. Armed Forces Vocational Aptitude Battery [ASVAB]: this is often associate examination set to text your skills/knowledge in this space, then your score can verify if you’re qualified to urge the duty or not.
  6. Military Entrance Processing Stations: If you were among those noncommissioned within the Army, you’re currently qualified to enter in his stage. Here you’ll be checked if you’re physically match, associated these opt for an MOS [Military Entrance Specialty]. This is often once you are sworn into the Egyptian Army.
  7. Opt for your Army Job
  8. Make Preparations For Boot Camp: this is often the place you’ll be trained for 9 weeks and you’re expected to be the most effective you’ll have to be to succeed. When you have got felt these steps you’ll currently end up a military.

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Nationwide Headquarters

  • HQ, Central Military High Command: Heliopolis, Cairo
  • HQ, Northern Military Region: Alexandria
  • HQ, Eastern Military Region: El Suez
  • HQ, Western Military Region: Mersa Matruh
  • HQ, Southern Military Region: Assiut

FAQS – Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Is military service obligatory in Egypt?

Conscription is required in Egypt for males of ages between eighteen and thirty. Selective service has been good in Egypt in some type or the opposite since the decennium. Solely Egyptians with solely Egyptian citizenship would get considered in the enlistment process and get the chance to serve.

  • Does Egypt have a robust army?

Egypt’s army, navy, air force and defensive measure force have a combined strength of regarding 450,000. The army, with regarding 320,000 troops, represents over simple fraction of that figure, in keeping with associate estimate by the Federation of US Scientists. Military service is required in Egypt.

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