Everything About Tanga School of Nursing-Application Form

Tanga School of Nursing

Tanga School of Nursing is situated in the Tanzanian region of Tanga and it happens to be one of the government-owned nursing institutions in Tanzania. In accordance with the provisions of NACTE (National Accreditation Council for Technical Education), Tanga School of Nursing is accredited with REG/HAS/084 as its registration number.

In its objective, the institution aims to facilitate students’ ability to acquire contemporary knowledge and techniques of midwifery and nursing. Through this, the nursing institution believes nursing will be embraced by the students at all levels of medical practices.

Tanga School of Nursing has a broad scope of academic programmes spanning across midwifery and other forms of maternal health. Also, the institution provides students with the privilege to study academic courses such as physiology, anatomy, pharmacology, immunology, microbiology, nursing, etc.

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