FRQNT International Internship Program 2020-2021 in Canada

FRQNT International Internship Program 2020-2021 in Canada
we are pleased as we keep you updated about FRQNT International Internship Program 2020-2021 in Canada

Apply For FRQNT International Internship Program in Canada. Fonds de recherche du Québec – Nature et technologies is inviting applicants to participate in the FRQNT International Internship Program by a system of the master and doctoral level program in Canada.

The main motive of this opportunity is to foster the international mobility of applicants whose research activities are part of the scientific program of a strategic cluster funded by the FRQNT.

FRQnet aims to ensure the harmonization, technological updating, and simplification of the FRQ’s competition processes and administrative follow-ups, to everyone’s benefit.

Provider: FRQnet
Program Location: Canada


Candidates have to meet the following eligibility criteria-

The participants can apply for a master’s or a doctoral degree programs in a Quebec university or in a university outside Québec.

Those who are full-time students enrolled in a Québec University must have Canadian citizenship, permanent resident status in Canada or foreign student status with a valid study permit to study in Quebec.

Foreign candidates who are enrolled in a university outside Quebec should have valid study permits or visas for the entire duration of the traineeship.

Is Open for International Students: Yes

Is this Paid Position?

Yes, this is a paid program. The value of the grant is $ 15,000 CAD which has an allowance of $ 2,500 CAD per month.

Number of awards offered: Numbers not given
Duration: Minimum of 2 months and a maximum of 6 months

Notification: Not given

FRQNT International Internship Program Application Process

Interested participants are suggested to complete the online application process and also validate the list of documents required for the application.

Application Deadline: March 1, 2020

Apply Now

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