Isono Teasers January 2022 – Latest Episode

Isono Teasers January 2022 – Latest Episode

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Saturday 1 January 2022 

Constanza and Plutarco have a therapy session. Meanwhile, Jimena, Luis and Susi go diving together, and Daniel enrols in a DJ battle.

Sunday 2 January 2022 

Plutarco defends Constanza when Gloria calls her ungrateful. Later, Remedios interrupts a meeting between Karla and Constanza.

Monday 3 January 2022 

Remedios asks Max and Emiliano to stop fighting. Meanwhile, after ending things with Plutarco, Gloria goes out with her friends and meets Luis.

Tuesday 4 January 2022 

Constanza is nervous to see Ivan after having left him at the altar 20 years ago. Meanwhile, Emiliano goes to the airport to return to Argentina.

Wednesday 5 January 2022 

Gonzalo offers Max the opportunity to record a demo, but it would mean going to live in Miami. Daniel is taken to hospital.

Thursday 6 January 2022 

Constanza and Plutarco make a new agreement, but decide not to tell anyone until the 100 days are up. Aurora demands that Luis fix her legal status.

Friday 7 January 2022 

Plutarco and Constanza try to keep their romance quiet, but it’s an open secret. Meanwhile, Isabel asks Pablo for forgiveness.

Saturday 8 January 2022 

Max announces to everyone that he is going to Miami in search of his dreams. Meanwhile, Isabel gets some bad medical news.

Sunday 9 January 2022 

Plutarco serenades Constanza in front of Ivan, but it doesn’t quite go to plan. Meanwhile, Jimena offers Aurora a job as a personal assistant.

Monday 10 January 2022 

Teresa and Jimena help Plutarco prepare a surprise for Constanza to celebrate the 50th day of their agreement. Max argues with the producer.

Tuesday 11 January 2022 

Plutarco presents his surprise to Constanza. Jimena throws a birthday party for Susi at Emiliano’s apartment. Remedios goes bankrupt.

Wednesday 12 January 2022 

Ingrid is convinced that her husband, Ivan, is cheating on her with Constanza. In Miami, Max is arrested for public disorder and resisting arrest.

Thursday 13 January 2022 

Max arrives at Emiliano’s house, and Emiliano offers to let him stay there. After getting fired from his job, Luis spends the night with Aurora.

Friday 14 January 2022 

Plutarco competes with Ivan for Constanza’s love. Fernando and Pablo reconcile. Susi uploads a video that goes viral.

Saturday 15 January 2022 

Yadira, Ivan’s former assistant, reveals to Plutarco that Ivan intends to destroy his marriage. Daniel meets Veronica, Ivan and Ingrid’s daughter.

Sunday 16 January 2022 

Plutarco makes it clear to Ingrid that he does not want to ally himself with anyone to harm Constanza. Constanza feels rejected by Ivan.

Monday 17 January 2022 

Daniel and Veronica go to Eric’s bar with fake IDs. Max invites Isabel for a coffee. Fernando decides to go and live with Pablo.

Tuesday 18 January 2022 

Ivan walks in on Constanza kissing Plutarco at a party and breaks up with her. Meanwhile, Max continues to flirt with Isabel.

Wednesday 19 January 2022 

Constanza and Plutarco get stuck in a lift. Later, Ingrid tells Constanza that Ivan is in hospital. Max teaches a music class at school.

Thursday 20 January 2022 

Ivan threatens to send Constanza’s son to prison. Meanwhile, Eric appears while Remedios is talking to Emiliano and becomes violent.

Friday 21 January 2022 

Constanza and Plutarco receive news that the family cabin is going to be demolished because of a contract that Pedro signed.

Saturday 22 January 2022 

Remedios and Emiliano spend the night together. Fernando tells Max that if he doesn’t have good intentions he should stay away from Isabel.

Sunday 23 January 2022 

Jimena, Remedios and Constanza form a human chain to prevent a crane from demolishing the cabin. Meanwhile, Mariana and Daniel argue.

Monday 24 January 2022 

Constanza and Plutarco reflect on their relationship together. A young lawyer named Elisa joins the Cuesto Franco law firm.

Tuesday 25 January 2022 

While Daniel is working as a DJ, Veronica gives him ecstasy pills. Meanwhile, a scandal breaks out involving Martín and a group chat.

Wednesday 26 January 2022 

Daniel can’t find the ecstasy pills that he hid. Meanwhile Remedios is upset after hearing a comment that Emiliano made.

Thursday 27 January 2022 

Constanza receives an invitation to a congress in Rome. Max and Isabel talk about their feelings. Luis realises that Jimena is dating someone.

Friday 28 January 2022 

Constanza invites Elisa to be part of her office, without suspecting what has happened behind her back. Luis gives Emiliano some advice.

Saturday 29 January 2022 

Plutarco takes Constanza to the airport for her trip to Rome. Mariana and Daniel get back together. Remedios finds out about Jimena and Ramiro.

Sunday 30 January 2022 

Plutarco spends the night with Elisa. Constanza faints while on the phone to Ramiro. Max decides to have vocal cord surgery.

Monday 31 January 2022 

Constanza’s trip to Rome takes an unexpected turn and she returns home. Emiliano and Remedios argue over Fredy. Luis apologises to Jimena.

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