KDF Tradesmen / Women Recruitment Conditions-full Requirements

KDF Tradesmen / Women Recruitment Conditions-full Requirements

Tradesmen / Women-Prospective candidates wishing to join Kenya Defence Forces must satisfy the conditions and requirements given below.

Tradesmen / Women Conditions-Reqtuirements

a. Prospective candidates wishing to apply must satisfy the conditions and requirements given below.

(1) Must be Kenyan citizens.
(2) Age: Between 18 and 26 years old.
(3) Be physically and mentally fit in accordance with the KDF standards.
(4) Have no criminal record.
(5) Minimum Height:
(a) Men 1.60m (5ft 3in).
(b) Women 1.52m (5ft)
(6) Minimum weight:
(c) Men: 54.55 Kg (120 lb).
(d) Women: 50.00 Kg (110 lb).
(7) Female candidates must Not be pregnant at recruitment and during training.

(1) Education – Qualifications & Requirements:

(a) Technicians:
A minimum of mean grade C (plain) in KCSE, a relevant Diploma or above from a recognized Institution and be a registered with the relevant statutory bodies, where applicable,

(b) Catechist:
Must have a minimum of C – (minus) in KCSE, a Diploma in Catechetical studies from a recognized catechetical college/ institute and should not be beyond 35 years of age.

(c) Artisans:
A minimum of mean grade D + (plus) in KCSE and either a relevant certificate with Government Trade Test Grade II or Craft II from a recognized Institution.

1. Vacancies:

a. General Recruits
b. Constabularies
b. Tradesmen/women:
(1) Mechanical Engineering (Plant/ Production or Metallurgy Option)
(2) Mechanical Engineering (Fabrication Technology)
(3) Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
(4) Industry (Plant Option)
(5) Quantity Survey Technician
(6) Survey (Cartographer)
(7) Structural Fabrication and Material Engineering
(8) Electronics and Computer Engineering
(9) Telecommunications Engineering
(10) Mechatronics Engineering
(11) Building Construction Technology
(12) Instrument and Control Engineering (Measurement Tech)
(13) Electrical and Electronics schoolnewsblog.com/tz– Electronics or Telecoms Option
(14 ) Electrical Engineering
(15) Aeronautical Engineering
(16) Automotive Engineering
(17) Control and Automation
(18) Architecture
(19) Building Technology
(20) Civil Engineering
(21) Clerk of Works
(22) Information Technology and Computer Studies
(23) Finger Print Expert
(24) Journalist
(25) Community Health Nursing (Kenya Registered Community Health Nurses )
(26) Clinical Medicine (Registered Clinical Officers)
(27) Health Records and Information Technology
(28) Medical Engineering
(29) Community Health and HIV/ Aids care – HND
(30) Orthopedic Plaster Technician
(31) Psychiatric Nurse
(32) Psychotherapist
(33) Public Health Technician
(34) Psychologist
(35) Radiographer
(36) Medical Laboratory Technologist
(37) Dental Technologist
(38) Librarian
(39) Veterinary Technician
(40) Pharmaceutical Technologist
(41) Nutritionist

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