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Sacred Relationships Teasers September 2021

Sacred Relationships Teasers September 2021

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Tuesday 6 July 2021

Episode 302

Abir defends Mishti when Varun assaults her, and the entire family later gathers at home for celebrations.

Episode 303

Mishti and Abir dance together in their room. Elsewhere, Kunal presents his surprise gift to Kuhu. Mishti later notices an odd stain on the festival’s decorations.

Wednesday 7 July 2021

Episode 304

Abir and Mishti perform a special skit in front of the family. Kuhu is livid when she notices a strange detail on her magazine cover.

Episode 305

Abir and Kunal try to pacify Mishti and Kuhu after their fight. While Meenakshi is upset about the fiasco, Mishti and Kuhu’s fight takes a turn for the worse.

Thursday 8 July 2021

Episode 306

Abir and Kunal decide to leave the house in order to teach Kuhu and Mishti a lesson. However, Meenakshi loses her cool when she learns the truth.

Episode 307

A furious Meenakshi confronts Mishti and Kuhu as they sneak into the house. Later, a dejected Mishti breaks down, looking at Abir’s pictures.

Friday 9 July 2021

Episode 308

Kuhu and Mishti patch things up to get Abir and Kunal to return home. However, Abir suspects that this is too good to be true.

Episode 309

In a fit of a rage, Meenakshi forbids Mishti and Kuhu from returning home without Abir and Kunal. Later that night, Mishi tries to sneak into the Maheshwari house.

Saturday 10 July 2021

Episode 310

A panicked Mishti calls Abir for help when Kuhu meets with a grave accident. However, Abir refuses to believe her. What will she do now?

Episode 311

Abir and Mishti get into serious discussion about children while Kunal takes care of Kuhu. Later Abir is baffled by Meenakshi’s odd behaviour.

Sunday 11 July 2021

Episode 312

Abir and Mishti spend some romantic time together while the families celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi. Later, Jasmeet tries to incite Kuhu against Mishti.

Episode 313

Abir and Mishti declare that they are ready to have a baby, much to the family’s excitement! However, Abir learns a shocking fact at the doctor’s office.

Monday 12 July 2021

Episode 314

Kunal gets annoyed by Kuhu’s competitiveness and berates her. Meanwhile, a distraught Mishti collapses after learning the truth about the doctor’s report.

Episode 315

Abir and the rest of the family desperately try to console Mishti as she locks herself in the room. However, Meenakshi creates a scene at Maheshwaris.

Tuesday 13 July 2021

Episode 316

A furious Vishambar takes a stand for Mishti against Meenakshi and things get heated. Later, Abir is stunned to learn about Meenakshi’s proclamation.

Episode 317

Abir chooses to move out of his house when Vishambar commands Mishti to leave the Raajvansh household. Meanwhile, Kunal learns a shocking truth from the past.

Wednesday 14 July 2021

Episode 318

Mishti is left shocked to her core when Meenakshi tries to commit suicide. Later, Meenakshi puts forth an unthinkable request. What will Mishti do?

Episode 319

Confused about life, Abir meets Rajshri and has a profound conversation, While Kunal brushes off Kuhu’s idea, Mishti’s behavior causes concern.

Thursday 15 July 2021

Episode 320

Abir panics when he learns of Mishti’s disappearance. As he confronts Meenakshi about it, a furious Vishambhar lands up at the Raajvansh house.

Episode 321

Abir relentlessly searches for Mishti with Kunal’s help. Later, Meenakshi’s harsh proclamation stuns everyone into silence.

Friday 16 July 2021

Episode 322

As Meenakshi’s harsh words offend Abir, he decides to leave the house with Mishti. Later, Kunal plans to bridge the gap between Meenakshi and Abir.

Episode 323

Meenakshi takes a drastic step after Abir decides to adopt a child. Later, Kunal tries to convince Abir to rethink surrogacy.

Saturday 17 July 2021

Episode 324

With all options considered, Abir and Mishti make a final decision about their child. Meanwhile, Meenakshi puts forth an emotional request to Kunal.

Episode 325

While Mishti and Abir surprise Vishambhar and Rajshri, Kunal is horrified by Meenakshi’s request. Later, Kunal contemplates how to tell Kuhu the truth.

Sunday 18 July 2021

Episode 326

Kuhu and Kunal’s altercation escalates, leading to Kuhu’s exit from the house. While Mishti gets motivated by Rajshri’s words, Abir tries to diffuse the situation.

Episode 327

Despite Kunal’s heartfelt apology, Kuhu lashes out at him. While Varsha takes an unexpected decision, Meenakshi tries to manipulate Kuhu.

Monday 19 July 2021

Episode 328

Mishti and Abir are confused when Kuhu agrees to be the surrogate mother for their baby. Later, at the adoption agency, they get a piece of shocking news.

Episode 329

Abir and Mishri assure Varsha that they will not let Kuhu go through surrogacy. Later, Kunal and Kuhu try their best to change Abir and Mishti’s minds.

Tuesday 20 July 2021

Episode 330

Varsha is furious after learning that Kuhu has agreed to surrogacy. Later, Rajshri’s unexpected behavior leaves Meenakshi shocked.

Episode 331

Abir and Mishti get tense when Kuhu suddenly goes missing from the Raajvansh house. On the other hand, Kuhu visits a production house with the hopes of meeting SRK.

Wednesday 21 July 2021

Episode 332

While Varsha gets rid of Kuhu’s belongings, the Rajvaanshs celebrate Mishti and Abhir’s good news. Later, Kuhu contemplates a life-changing opportunity.

Episode 333

While Rajshri criticizes Varsha for her behavior, Kuhu and Mishti make fun of Abir and Kunal by dressing up like them. Later, Jasmeet warns Kuhu.

Thursday 22 July 2021

Episode 334

While Meenakshi threatens Kuhu, Mishti plans a lovely surprise for her. Later, Mishti and Kuhu engage in an intense tiff.

Episode 335

While Kunal tries to pacify an angry Kuhu, Mishti regrets her behavior. Later, Kuhu takes a heart-wrenching decision.

Friday 23 July 2021

Episode 336

Meenakshi tries to stop Kuhu from terminating her pregnancy and instigates her against Mishti. Later, Kuhu’s words leave Mishti dejected.

Episode 337

Upon attending Rajshri’s birthday party, Abir and Mishti face Kuhu’s outlandish mood swings. At midnight, Meenakshi meets her lawyer on some official work.

Saturday 24 July 2021

Episode 338

Kuhu organizes her baby shower and maintains the focus solely on herself. After the function begins, Kuhu gets jealous of Abir’s surprise for Mishti.

Episode 339

Abir breaks his silence and lashes out at Kuhu after she creates a huge scene. Later, Jasmeet gives Kuhu some advice to ease her situation.

Sunday 25 July 2021

Episode 340

While Kuhu hatches a devious plan to frame Mishti, Abir learns a shocking truth. Later, Abir confronts Kuhu after Mishti returns home.

Episode 341

Abir is shocked by Kunal’s refusal to listen to the facts and decide for himself. While Mishti dons a disguise to help Kuhu, Kunal puts forth a strict order.

Monday 26 July 2021

Episode 342

Abir plans a beautiful surprise for Mishti. While Meenakshi and Kuhu indulge in a heated argument, Abir overhears them.

Episode 343

A curious Abir sets out to uncover a hidden deal struck between Meenakshi and Kuhu, Later, Mishti falls unconscious when Abir reveals the truth.

Tuesday 27 July 2021

Episode 344

Kuhu and Mishti get into a heated debate over the sonography test results. Later, Kuhu injures her hand when Mishti spills coffee on her.

Episode 345

Kunal stops Mishti from confronting Kuhu while Varsha learns a startling fact. Later, Kuhu gets anxious by Kunal’s statements.

Wednesday 28 July 2021

Episode 346

Varsha barges into the Rajvaansh house to take Kuhu home. While Mishti tries to dissolve the situation, Kuhu feels shattered on seeing the divorce papers.

Episode 347

Abir’s decision leaves Meenakshi stunned while Kunal takes a stand for Parul. Later, Mishti’s attempts to console Meenakshi take a turn for the worse.

Thursday 29 July 2021

Episode 348

Varsha refuses to let Kuhu go when Abir and Kunal arrive at the Maheshwaris. Later, Mishti stays firm on her decision of shifting with Abir to a new house.

Episode 349

Kunal makes a heartfelt request to Abir while recalling some fond memories. Later, Meenakshi throws a shocking deal before Mishti.

Friday 30 July 2021

Episode 350

Meenakshi chases Abir and Mishti to get them to change their decision. While the Rajvansh family rejoices, Abir refuses to believe Meenakshi’s acts.

Episode 351

Kunal, Mishti and Meenakshi decide to get Kuhu back home. Later, Kunal learns that Kuhu has left the Maheshwari house on her own.

Saturday 31 July 2021

Teasers unavailable.

Sacred Relationships Teasers September 2021

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