Unbroken Teasers June 2021

Unbroken Teasers June 2021 – Latest Episode

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Saturday 1 May 2021
Episode 211

The ransom sum is revealed. Mayowa and Ola look for vital clues. Emeka reacts to the secret paternity test. Bassey comforts Teni. A Bhadmus staff is threatened.

Sunday 2 May 2021
Episode 212

The family receive instructions on ransom delivery. Teni asks Emeka for a favour. Bassey comforts Teni. “The Other Bhadmus Girl” makes its debut. Vyhutu fears for her life.

Monday 3 May 2021
Episode 213

The Bhadmus family await proof of life. Nwosu faces a new threat. Emeka makes concessions for Teni. Cyril reacts to Ayo’s new novel. Danlami is accused. Vyhutu threatens to resign.

Tuesday 4 May 2021
Episode 214

Adaora grows suspicious of Okiemute. Dr Kalu gives conditions for conducting paternity test. Teni and Emeka keep tabs on one other. Two familiar faces appear at the Bhadmus home.

Wednesday 5 May 2021
Episode 215

Emotion and drama surrounding the collection of DNA samples runs high. Hadiza introduces Danlami to investors. An unexpected visitor returns. Boniface’s ally is revealed.

Thursday 6 May 2021
Episode 216

Teni pushes to pay Kolade’s ransom. Hadiza plots her next move. Sparks fly between Mayowa and Hosu. Sophie avoids The Investigator. Ayo shows up at Resolute Medical.

Friday 7 May 2021
Episode 217

Ola brings Ayo up to speed on recent happenings. Danlami forges an independent path at MLA. Emotional stakes in “Adaora farms” run high. Sophie conducts staff interviews.

Saturday 8 May 2021
Episode 218

The Investigator requests DNA samples. Teni tries to sell “Adaora Farms”. Hadiza waylays Danlami’s plans. Hosu takes over Vyhutu’s duties. Cyril puzzles of Kolade’s disappearance.

Sunday 9 May 2021
Episode 219

Drama ensues over Kolade’s ransom. Ayo’s upcoming interview draws strong reactions. Hadiza meets with Ejiro. Yakubu briefs Teni. Adaora tells Teni “the lie” about her paternity.

Monday 10 May 2021
Episode 220

Ayo and Ola clash over family loyalty. The sale of “Adaora farms” goes cold. Tensions rise around ransom payment.

Tuesday 11 May 2021
Episode 221

An unexpected problem pops up at the drop off location. Intrigue envelopes the sale of ”Adaora farms’’. Hosu raises suspicions about Chief’s hospitalization. Ayo makes a decision.

Wednesday 12 May 2021
Episode 222

Intrigue surrounds the paternity testing. The sale of “Adaora Farms” gains momentum. Ola receives a long distance phone call. Moshood visits Kolade in hospital.

Thursday 13 May 2021
Episode 223

Moshood reports on his hospital visit. Sophie proposes a crime. “Adaora Farms” is sold. The investigation continues. Hosu avoids Mayowa. Paternity test results are finalized.

Friday 14 May 2021
Episode 224

A private investigator interviews the Bhadmus household. Okiemute asks for the paternity results. Teni expresses doubt over “Maystone”. Abiks asks Emeka out on a date.

Saturday 15 May 2021
Episode 225

Emeka suspects Adaora of the hospital break in. The Investigator continues interrogations. Danlami is offered a business preposition. Nwosu reports security breach. Adaora shows up at MLA.

Sunday 16 May 2021
Episode 226

Adaora and Hadiza standoff. Abiks and Bassey get acquainted. Susan concludes the investigation. Mayowa gives proof of “Maystone”. Danlami asks for MLA shares.

Monday 17 May 2021
Episode 227

Teni shows signs of stress. Okiemute challenges Ola to take over. Chichi uncovers Hosu’s secret. Abiks accepts a bribe. Hadiza sabotages Danlami. Bassey wanders around Resolute Medical.

Tuesday 18 May 2021
Episode 228

Ola offers Teni assistance. Vyhutu resigns. Teni learns more about Bassey’s family. Ayo provokes Hosu. Hadiza double crosses Tanko.

Wednesday 19 May 2021
Episode 229

Teni is warned about Bassey. A complication arises with “Maystone”. Nwosu explains security breach. Hosu’s gets up to mischief. Ayo’s book interview is back on track.

Thursday 20 May 2021
Episode 230

Teni and Bassey have an awkward conversation. Ayo makes startling revelations on TV. Danlami interviews Tanko’s niece. Hosu lands in hot water. Adaora’s rival returns.

Friday 21 May 2021
Episode 231

Ayo is abducted. Emeka and Abiks hang out. Hadiza meets Rekiya.The truth about Kolade’s fake coma is revealed.

Saturday 22 May 2021
Episode 232

Adaora and Cissy discuss Onajite. Bassey confides in Oyiza. Teni and Hadiza are mentioned in a business magazine. Mayowa talks about relationships. Ola learns a shocking family secret.

Sunday 23 May 2021
Episode 233

Cyril gives unsolicited advice. Ayo accuses Teni. Danlami gets wind of Hadiza’s business plans. Bassey meets with the missing Bhadmus security. Moshood advises Cissy.

Monday 24 May 2021
Episode 234

Cyril discusses his future plans. Teni threatens to sack Basset after the Abiks interview. Cissy visits Dr Kalu. Danlami comes home late. Mayowa makes an urgent trip.

Tuesday 25 May 2021
Episode 235

Danlami wakes up to the news of a brutal attack. Mayowa fesses up about missing “Maystone” geologist. Cissy contemplates an exit plan. Danlami stuns Hadiza with a proclamation.

Wednesday 26 May 2021
Episode 236

The Bhadmuses weigh in on “Maystone”. Cissy inquires about Kolade’s estate. Teni confronts Emeka. Okiemute fulfils his part of the paternity contract. Abiks grows discontented with Emeka.

Thursday 27 May 2021
Episode 237

Danlami tries to wrestle MLA from Hadiza. Vyhutu asks Nwosu questions. Mayowa offers to pay back “Maystone” investors. Bianca asks Hadiza for a raise. Vyhutu orders Hosu back to the village.

Friday 28 May 2021
Episode 238

Adaora confides in Danlami. Bassey plots with the security man. Bianca grows paranoid. Teni and Emeka meet to talk. Mayowa is defensive over “Maystone” Adaora and Cissy clash.

Saturday 29 May 2021
Episode 239

Danlami visits the Bhadmus mansion. Danlami foils Tanko’s expectations. Hadiza comforts Bianca. Teni receives a friendly reminder of outstanding debt. Okiemute receives paternity results.

Sunday 30 May 2021
Episode 240

Ola is reminded of Kolade’s expectations. A distracted Teni reveals what is bothering her.

Monday 31 May 2021
Episode 241

Ayo picks a fight with Abiks. Danlami receives an anonymous letter. Mayowa struggles to payback investors. Ola makes a heart-warming gesture. Emeka’s treachery is uncovered.

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