Zambia Correctional Service Recruitment 2020/2021-Form dates & requirements

Official Zambia Correctional Service Recruitment 2020/2021-Form dates & requirements

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Apply for Zambia Correctional Service Recruitment, currently hiring. It’s important to follow all instructions when applying for the jobs online. Regardless of how you apply, it’s important to follow the company’s application instructions, to submit all the required materials, and to carefully proofread your application before you click the “Submit” button.

Here’s the information on how to apply for Zambia Correctional Service 2019 via email, including other documents, what to include in your email message, what to put in the subject line, and what information you need to include in your email signature.

The Zambia Correctional officers enforce rules and maintain order while overseeing individuals who have been arrested. Although educational requirements vary, they are typically required to possess a high school diploma or equivalent. Individuals who want to advance in this career may consider postsecondary coursework towards a degree in criminal justice or sociology.

Legislation and Policies

In addition to its legislative mandate, the ZCS is compelled by the Constitution to comply with the following rights in terms of the treatment of offenders:

  • equality
  • human dignity
  • freedom and security of the person
  • right to healthcare services
  • children’s rights
  • right to education
  • freedom of religion
  • right to humane treatment and to communicate with and be visited by family and next of kin.

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Mission statement

To provide humane custody and quality correctional services in order to promote public safety and to contribute to the social economic development of the country.

The following are the functions for the Zambia Correctional Service:-

  1. To provide safe and humane custody of inmates until they are lawfully discharged in order to safeguard the interest of the public;
  2. To improve the existing prisons and reformatory infrastructure and increase their number in order to raise habitable standards of the inmates;
  3. To effectively and efficiently manage human resources in order to attain their full utilisation for efficient service delivery to inmates;
  4. To effectively manage and efficiently utilise logistical and material support service in order to efficiently provide custodial and correctional services to inmates;
  5. To expedite the review of legislation relating to the treatment of inmates and juveniles and monitor its implementation in order to conform to the United Nations (UN) standard minimum rules for the treatment of offenders;
  6. To provide for the integration of ex-mates into society in order to reduce recidivism;
  7. To provide and disseminate information on the operations of the Zambian Prisons Service in order to increase awareness;
  8. To cooperate with the other security agencies (local and international) in the dispensation of criminal justice in order to improve justice delivery to inmates;
  9. To develop and implement an institutional capacity building plan for the effective implementation of the Prisons Service Reform Programme in order to effectively and efficiently deliver services to inmates; and
  10. To research into and carry out educational campaign programmes in prisons and prison camps in order to determine the seroprevalence of the HIV/AIDS pandemic and to sensitise the inmates and staff on its dangers.

Thanks for your interest in Zambia Correctional Service Recruitment 2019, follow the instructions on the page to join.


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